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3RS Web & IT Solutions was founded May 1, 2000 with the focus on meeting the rapidly growing needs of developing and maintaining a strong and effective web presence by businesses of all industries. 3RS provides professional web page and application development with the added value of business analysis and a marketing strategy consultation.

We provide development for small, medium and large companies in Trinidad and Tobago at affordable prices. Development driven by developing web sites and IT applications for different industries such as distribution, marketing, accounting, catering, real estate agents, schools, financial institutions and shipping to name a few.

3RS is dedicated to developing the highest quality web sites on the Internet by incorporating state-of-the-art technology with the experience and knowledge of highly skilled programmers and business analysts. If you are a professional looking to take your business to the next level or would simply like to create an information portal for online visitors, let 3RS develop an effective plan, design the content, graphics and layout, allowing you to reach your target audience.


3RS Web & IT Solutions has designed, developed and deployed world-class technology solutions created specifically to meet and exceed the unique requirements of each client. 3RS has thrived largely as a result of our unyielding commitment to our clients, strategic partners and employees.

With a highly diverse staff of cross-skilled professionals, 3RS brings the experience required to deliver truly superior solutions for today's sophisticated marketplace. 3RS is proud to have worked with hundreds of great clients, ranging from globally recognized brands to local small businesses. We challenge our clients to justify the investment that we are asking them to make and establish success metrics by which the investment will be measured.

We also pride ourselves on recommending and delivering cost-effective solutions which are in exact alignment with the unique needs of each project, always seeking to maximize the value of previous technology investments while providing clear and unbiased advice regarding best practices. We challenge our employees and our clients to learn from the past, seize the opportunities of today, and plan for the challenges of tomorrow.

3RS Web & IT Solutions is an information technology firm offering strategic online and innovative digital business solutions.

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